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πŸ‘€ Tactile Typography πŸ‘€

IS BRAILLE TYPOGRAPHY? People think of Braille as many things, some assume it's a language. Others consider it a writing and reading system for the blind. Many look at the confounding raised dots and wonder how anyone could make sense of them. Very few think of Braille as a form of typography.

Should we be embracing a more expansive meaning of typography to mean all forms and impressions of writing? Can you feel, rather than see typography? Cristina Hartmann talks about the Power of Tactile Typography here.

πŸ–‹ Face(s) of the Week Year πŸ–‹

TYPOGRAPHICA'S FAVOURITE TYPEFACES OF 2017. Not a list of best. Not a list of top-selling. Not a popularity contest. Not a spon.

Just a list curated by a bunch of fanboys and girls aka Typographica's distinguished group of designers, educators, and enthusiasts. Each taken time away from their day jobs to pen praises for their 2017 favourtites. Read more here.

🎨 The Next Big Thing? 🎨

COLOUR FONTS. Colour fonts use an innovative font technology that allows built-in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to enhance the way the fonts appear. This new standard allows colour information to be stored inside a font and could change the way people interact with type.

You can use fonts anywhere, just like the fonts you’re used to on your computer or website β€” but since colour fonts are still fairly new, we’re still in the early days of realizing their potential. For instance, the image above is a screenshot from a project I worked on a couple of years back without knowing anything about this technology, but hoping colour fonts could someday be a thing. And here we are!

Read more about colour fonts here and more about how Adobe uses this new technology and the development process for Trajan Color Concept and EmojiOne Color here.

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